Spending the Covid-time on something useful.

On a clear, sunny day we had the great pleasure of using the beautifully renovated and rebuilt Maltfabrikken as a photo location for my tables with unique glass tiles.
Everything was pretty silent and empty in the building due to Covid-19 and we could move freely around and choose interesting spots for each table.
We enjoyed every minute in this building which a lot of hard working people have turned into an amazing space.
The architects behind the project is Praxis Arkitekter

The Tiles & Tables project is a spin off from my experiments with float glass from thermo windows combined with other materials such as metal foil and plants. The metal frames are made by a local blacksmith and can be painted, galvanized or have a rusty look. Each table has a unique combination of handmade glass tiles so that no two tables are alike. HAVE A LOOK HERE

My thanks to Maltfabrikken for generously letting us use the building!

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